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ComprehensiveNational Labor Solutions

Specializing in

Unemployment Cost Control and 

Pre-Employment Screening




Claims Administration

When applicable, assist with the completion and processing of unemployment correspondence. Unemployment claims are processed in accordance with respective guidelines of each state.

Benefit Charge Auditing

Complete, in-depth auditing of monthly/quarterly statement of benefit charges. Detecting agency errors, overcharges, retrieving credits whenever possible. Confirming reasons for separation.

Hearing Representation

Consult, prepare and represent clients for all unemployment hearings.

Tax Rate Verification

Verification of yearly tax rate to ensure accuracy.

Tailored Training Programs 

Customized educational training, designed to fit your team's needs.

Expert Consultation

Offering an unparalleled level of knowledge regarding unemployment statutes, regulations, proper employee separation procedures, handbook review, merger and acquisition analysis, and more.

UI Services


At Cost Management Corporation, our goal is simple. We want to be the most valuable, highest quality cost-saving labor consultation resource for our clients. Our commitment is to work diligently and tirelessly to achieve successful savings in as many areas as possible.


We believe by helping businesses efficiently manage costs, we are not only enabling clients to maximize financial resources, we are educating along the way. We are aiding their efforts to run a more effective operation which can in turn have a direct, positive impact on the overall economy in our communities. More savings for local businesses means more discretionary income, more spending power, more job creation for employees and maximized opportunity

to foster growth. 

Our goal is to work with and for our partners to accomplish success each and every day. Join us and experience the difference of exceptional service and dedication to realizing your business's goals.

Our Vision

Background Checks

New/Existing Clients: 

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Background Checks
How Can We Help?
Cost Management provides a fast, easy and efficient way for your company to perform background checks as part of the pre-employment screening process. It is as critical as ever to ensure you are hiring the right talent for your business and that the people you select have a reputable history - both professionally and personally. Our system is accessible 24/7 and allows for thorough background screening for every employee- and the best part is, it's fully customize-able. You choose the checks you want to run. Log in, place a request, and view the results: all in one place.
Step-by-Step, Customer Oriented Assistance
Accurate, Comprehensive Results
All necessary documentation to get started
Compliant Processes

What you can expect:

Fast turnaround

Easy-to-use online interface

Complimentary U.I. Analysis

Take advantage of our NO COST/NO OBLIGATION analysis and you'll learn useful info about the unemployment system and how it can affect your business!

Complimentary Unemployment Insurance Contribution Analysis

Cost Management offers all of our prospective clients a complimentary tax rate/account analysis. We ask for a minimal amount of information as well as a copy or pdf of your most recent contribution rate notice form and report back quickly with the results. If there are savings that can be achieved, we will indicate where, as well as any potential areas for improvement.

To request your complimentary account analysis, simply enter your contact info below, and feel free to add a custom message. We'll be in touch shortly!

Request Analysis


About Us

Cost Management Corporation is a full service labor consulting firm providing solutions for employers desiring to manage costly employment separations. Incorporated in 1982, CMC has saved employers millions of dollars with our cost-effective program for unemployment cost control.


Through continuous research and development, CMC has fine-tuned the most sophisticated software programs and auditing procedures in the industry.  CMC's professional consultants pride themselves on personal service and are available to each client on a daily basis.


Unemployment costs can be controlled and minimized. Your action or inaction may determine if your company is responsible for thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of dollars in liability. Mishandled claims can result in forfeiture of your right to contest charges levied against your company. Professional management is a must if you expect to avoid all possible unwarranted monetary liability. Employers in the United States are erroneously overcharged millions of dollars each year in unemployment expenses. 


In addition to unemployment cost control, CMC has extended its scope of services to include pre-employment screening and background checks. As our business continues to expand, we are constantly researching ways that we can further enhance the overall experience we offer. The addition of these services provides clients an opportunity to save both time and money during the hiring process.


CMC was founded in 1982 by Thomas P. Pasquine. Over the past 35 years, Mr. Pasquine has been an outspoken advocate for employers throughout the United States. Mr. Pasquine has represented employers through various labor organizations, public speaking engagements and lobbied with various state agencies in relation to the unemployment system.




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